Treatment methods

Aid in the healing of physical and psychological ailments

Various traditional Chinese medicine methods are used in the treatments:

  • acupuncture (needle treatment), but also
  • japanese acupuncture (use of abdominal palpation in diagnosis)
  • cupping glasses (suction treatment)
  • Gua Sha (scraping treatment)
  • herbal medicine (treatment with plants)


Fine needles are used to restore the harmonious circulation of energy and blood, and thereby allow the body to regain its balance.

Japanese acupuncture

In Japan, acupuncture is traditionally considered to be a profession of choice for blind people. 

Blind Japanese acupuncturists thus developed diagnosis by palpation and, in particular, palpation of the abdomen.

The first step is to palpate the abdomen in order to identify areas of tension or emptiness. 

Needles are then placed into the limbs, and when the Qi circulation (energy) is restored, the abdomen relaxes immediately. Japanese needles are even finer than Chinese needles and are inserted using a small tube that makes insertion painless.

Cupping glasses

Cupping glasses are very relaxing. They are also very useful for certain conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, cough, migraine and many others.

They also enable the body to be detoxified.

Gua Sha

This is an ancient and very efficient method for the treatments of pain and anxiety. Gua sha promotes the circulation of blood, flushes toxins and allows the regeneration of body tissues.

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is prescribed as a complement to treatment when required.

The plants are ordered in Switzerland from specialist pharmacies, which have tested them in advance in order to ensure their purity.